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New Episode 61 #FreeWeed podcast! We’ve got pot news, Strain of the Fortnight & Growroom Time Machine, cultivation Q&A and more…

Episode 60 of HIGH TIMES Presents Free Weed from Danny Danko crops up “Straight Outta Compost” with a promo for our Ice Cube & Action Bronson Denver US Cannabis Cup kickoff show on Friday, April 18. Episode 60 also features the return of #SportsOnDrugs and an interview with Addison DeMoura – Co-Founder and COO of Steep Hill Halent Labs – about testing cannabis and concentrates for THC, CBD and more.

Plus, Danny and Mike debut the Master Debate Club, Danko details the use of beneficial bugs in fighting pests and, as always, answers to listeners’ grow questions.

Episode 59 of HIGH TIMES Presents Free Weed from Danny Danko features a marijuana news update, Danko’s top ten pot-related books of all time and plenty of cultivation information.

Welcome to the very first episode of HIGH TIMES Presents Free Hash from Danny Danko. Free Hash features an in depth interview with Cannabis Cup winning concentrate makers TC Labs. Find out how to make a Cup winning concentrate. Plus, we break down the difference between budder and shatter, give some water extraction tips and explain the history of hash.

Episode 57 of HIGH TIMES Presents Free Weed from Danny Danko features an interview with former Weather Underground leader and counterculture icon Bill Ayers. Plus, Strain of the Fortnight, tips for cultivating great pot in drought conditions and listener grow Q&A.

Check out ep 56 of #FreeWeed from @DannyDanko We’ve got pot news, Tangie creator Crockett, Aaron from DNA Genetics and a bunch of grow info http://ht.420.com/1exjeFI